The ADF at SOAS, University of London, is an an annual conference hosted by the University’s Centre for African Studies. It is an innovative, student-driven platform for championing African development, and aims to promote international interaction, generate lively thought-provoking discussion and challenge assumptions surrounding development in Africa.

Meet the 2017 TEAM:

Johanna Christina Naradzay – [Chair]

Currently finishing her MSc in Development Studies focusing on health and gender policies in East Africa, Johanna has extensive experience in  creating capacity building projects with local organisations and government agencies. Having lived and worked in Tanzania, Johanna is excited to bring together academics, development practitioners and the public on innovative solutions for African development.

Barbara Ugochi Eze- [Researcher]

Barbara, undertaking an LLM in International Law and originally coming from Nigeria and Gambia, is conscious of ‘Africa’s potential’. Potential can be both exciting and frustrating; it means that there is a world to be unlocked; ideas to come to fruition; progress to be mad.  She is excited to be part of this year’s forum to create a platform for productive discussion about the continent’s development.

Naiya Raja – [Researcher]

Born and raised in Kenya, Naiya has a strong interest in African development. Currently studying an MSc Environment, Politics and Development with a particular interest in the intersection between climate change, environmental justice and development. She seeks to pursue sustainable and inclusive solutions through motivation and agency.

Hannah Fitzgerald- [Panel Organiser]

Having just started her MSc in Development Studies at SOAS,  Hannah has experience in political settlements, looking in particular at the role of women’s peace activism in Nigeria. Her interests  are primarily to do with the gendered aspects of development, and in this case, about what ADF 2017 can do to challenge mainstream narratives about the development process.

Dinesh Napal- [Researcher]

Studying the LLM in Law, Culture and Society and working at the British Medical Association in their equality, inclusion and culture policy team, Dinesh’s interest in Africa is focused on women’s agency and initiatives available to promote their interests and involvement in African development. He looks forward to working with the team to put together an inspirational Forum in the coming year.

Zipporah Gene (Goetze) – [Communications]

A print and digital journalist with unshakeable dedication, Zipporah covers everything from race, gender and ethnicity, to travel and leisure. Formerly based in Bangkok Thailand, she is currently undertaking her MA in Development Studies at SOAS University, University of London.

Phoebe Ruguru – [Communications]

Studying International Relations and Social Anthropology, and born in Kenya, Ruguru’s interests revolve around leadership and the inclusion of diverse cultural knowledge in contributing to solutions and possibilities that Africa encompasses.  She hopes that through ADF, diverse voices can rise to guide diverse possibilities that will fuel Africa’s development in a way that champions and appreciates the leadership of Africans themselves.